Lately, stereotypes have been popping up in all forms of media: news castings, newspapers, social media sites, magazines and even music and books. Stereotypes tend to have a way of pulling people apart from one another rather than pulling them closer. It is almost a subject that one doesn’t even want to touch on because it can be a very sensitive topic matter to many people. Mostly because people are getting accused of people what their stereotype is instead of someone getting to know them before judging them.

There are stereotypes like whites are privileged, blacks and uneducated, Muslims are terrorist, Asians are smart, and Mexicans are taking away American jobs, Republicans want a white America, and Democrats only care about themselves, and lastly millennials are lazy with no work ethic. Most of these stereotypes have either been played out in the media or people learning them from others around them.

As a white female, one would get called privileged because of the color of their skin white. Being a female, however, at times being called oppressed because of not being a man, not having equal pay for equal work, and being told what to do with my body. It seems unfair to judge someone as privileged because of their skin color but also as oppressed because of their gender.

Many other stereotypes come out in media post, about others, that is just untrue as a white female is called privileged but oppressed at the same time. These stereotypes can stem from one or a hand full of people feeling that way. Many white women do not find themselves to be either of those words when they were thinking about what and who they are. Just as, everyone else in this world can conclude that they are not what their stereotypes say they are, nor do they have to be.

The media plays off of stereotypes with every post or report as if it is a form of dividing people more. A recent word the media has been throwing around that is a stereotype would be “white nationalism.” Carol Swain in her article for Financial Times the term white nationalism and how it is being used without taking into consideration what nationalism means.

“I define nationalism as the belief that people with a common language, heritage and culture should be able to maintain their differences from other groups. It can be positive if it revolves around allegiance to one’s country, and negative if it is narrowly focused on race. Nationalism in the positive sense differs from old-style, violently racist white supremacism. (Swain).”

The talk of white nationalism started with the race for the White House and the election of Donald Trump. Swain goes into to detail further disproving why it was a white vote for white nationalism which all comes back to how people and the media are stereotyping whites.

Other stereotypes the media has been playing off is that all Muslims are terrorist that all Christians hate. But, even though all Muslims are terrorist we should still let all their refugees into our country. The media’s logic makes no sense as one minute they are telling the people that Muslims want to kill all of Americans and the next that we should help them out. It is the use of wordings that throws many people for a loop, and they do not know what the truth is and what is a lie.

“Meaningful verbal communication is inescapably tied up with the context in which we perceive it to be taking place. In fact, humans tend to learn the meaning of words not from a dictionary, but from their use in context” (Page 132).

The media is also lacking in the quality of news it is providing to its viewers by making them believe all these different ideas which lead to many understandings. “Quality implies that things that are said are assumed to be genuine and accurate” (Page 140). Which many do believe that the media, especially the news sources are correct because the are thought to be of high quality.

The media has let many, especially Americans, to believe things about people of other culture that can be seen as hateful. Just like with all Muslims are terrorist that all Christians hate, it is wrong, and offensive for someone to feel that way just has it is for it to be put out in the media.

Heartsong Church and the Memphis Islamic Center in Memphis, Tennessee is one group that is trying to break that these two stereotypes. “When Memphis Islamic Center moved into the neighborhood in 2009, Heartsong hung a sign in its front parking lot welcoming them. That gesture led to the center asking to use part of Heartsong’s building for prayers during the month of Ramadan since their mosque was still under construction. Heartsong was even more generous, letting the Islamic Center use their main sanctuary,” (Waddell).

Waddell even states later that these few kind gestures have led to many different celebrations together between these two very different religious groups. It has helped one part of a rather large community to see past a stereotype and find common ground for friendship.

Stereotypes that have been placed in media have been hurting communities not just in America but all over the world. It has made people fear to travel and try to new things. A fear that in all reality is ultimately irrational.  People have not been taking time to get to know others that are different from them any longer, but instead, judge them by the color of their skin or what relilgion they have chosen to practice.

This irrational fear has caused more division and causes among people rather than people not believing everything they hear, read, or see on the news. If the media would stop reporting and playing on the fear that is always in the back of people’s minds, then the world would be a much better place for everyone.

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Depictions Of Journalists – Spotlight

Spotlight is a truly phenomenal film that portrays what it is like to actually catch a hard hitting story. This particular film is based on the true story from when the Boston Globe uncovered the massive scandal of child molestation and cover-up within the local Catholic Archdiocese, that ended up shaking the entire Catholic Church to its core.

The story that the spotlight team of the Boston Globe broke was one that did not include just effective Boston and its greater areas, but it affected the whole world. Because this hard-hitting story made a headline, it got other countries and cities that were having the same problem that no one even talked about talking.

This movie follows the spotlight them from right before they get the story and all the way through how they broke. This was not a story they were able to break overnight, but it took them months on end to get everything they needed to get the whole truth out there. They even had to tell part of the story at a different time to be able to make the victims feel more comfortable with coming forward.

A story that is actually a scandal like there being a  uncover up of child molestation by the priest within the local Catholic Archdiocese affect a lot of people. It does not just affect the victims but their families when they see that this actually happened, but the other members of the church who have trust their priest, and the families of the priest because of their wrong doings.

This story was one that no one wanted to get. The court system, the church, the priest or even some of member of the church. Watching how many people actually wanted to keep this story under the rug shocked me. I would have thought that because it was a priest, it would have been a much bigger deal from the beginning than having to wait so many years for someone to care for it be a big deal finally.

I never thought that it would take a team like a spotlight at the Boston Globe to break such a story. I would have thought the moment someone came forward it would have been dealt with appropriately. It makes me question the kinds of people working within different media outlets along with questioning the way the American judicial system works. Priest should have never gotten way with molesting childern just because they work for the church and they are supposed to be a man of God.

After watching this movie, I can now see how words can be a stage and that journalist are the theatergoers. The world that a witness or someone you are interviewing are what is going to make up that story that the journalist is going to write.

In Spotlight, I could tell just how much one article on an event can deceive the public, or it can depict it the event correctly. The film also shows how many different roles go into make running a newspaper and what it takes actually to get a story. Each of the journalists in the movie, Mike Rezendes, Robby Robinson, Sacha Pfeiffer, and Matty Carroll worked around the clock to break the story about the Catholic priest.

These journalist did not have the detached approach to catching and breaking the story; which is what their primary editor wanted them to do and just sweep the story under the rug. However, they took the Investigative approach and kept the story out from under the rug. It took the spotlight team months on end to actually get enough evidence to break the story.

In a way, they also had the ‘Larger Truth’ approach as well because they could see the bigger picture of how the action of the priest was affecting the people of Boston. All these journalists in my eyes would consider some of the best out there. One main reason for that is because they care to get to the truth and the whole truth out to the public. They do not let anyone stand in their way when it comes to a story. Seeing how these days most stories I read or hear about are only part of the truth. It definitely comes off like a lot of journalists does not care as much as the one that made up the Spotlight team at the Boston Globe.

I liked that they did not have just one approach for the best way to do their jobs. Each of them knew just how important the story was to break. It was not the kind of story to just keep the lid on and let more people be hurt by it. People that had not control over what was happening to them because they thought a priest was supposed to help them not hurt them. Individuals who were scared to come forward because of what would and what would not happen. These victims saw time and time again nothing at all happen to the priest that were molesting children. This massive scandal was one that the spotlight team could not let go, nor should they have ever been asked to.

At the time their approach to their work could be seen as esteem or obsessive, but this is what made them the better journalist. It is also what made get the hard-hitting story to make their whole career.

I honestly believe that the world as a whole needs more journalist like the ones that made up the spotlight team when this story broke. The need for the journalist to not be scared and stand up for themselves and people like the victims of this event is massive.

I feel like the detached approach is what a lot of journalists now have when it comes to their jobs which are what as caused a lot of the problems with the truth getting out to the people.

Bassist Ready To Take On The World

March 5, 2017 – Sean Wykoski, 24, of Nashville, Tennessee, is following his dream to become a famous musician.

Wykoski came to Nashville from Grand Rapids, Michigan, to study audio engineering at Belmont University. Now he’s the bassist for the local band Carverton.

However, audio engineering is not where his heart lies for the course he wants the rest of his life to take. Wykoski said that he gets his love for music from his musically inclined parents and that he intends to follow in his father’s footsteps.

“Music is really the only thing I can do well,” Wykoski said. “Math, science, and other stuff never seemed to click for me, but music always made sense.”

Before Wykoski became Carverton’s bassist, he found interest in the bands of the pop punk genre that inspired him to pursue music.

“Blink 182 & All Time Low are my two biggest influences,” Wykoski said. “These bands are essentially the gold standard of pop-punk. Their songs are so simple, yet amazingly well written. That’s why I always wanted to try and write in a similar format.”

Which, is exactly what Carverton, as a band, is seeking to accomplish. Wykoski came to meet the three members of Carverton – Kyle Yorlets, Michael Curry, and Christian Ferguson – through a Craigslist ad. It happens to be one of Wykoski’s favorite stories to tell.

“I was searching Craigslist for new bass gear and stumbled upon Michael and Kyle’s ad,” he said. “I saw how much of pretty boys they were, so I thought that they had to have some decent songs. I messaged Michael who then asked if I wanted to grab a coffee. So, we met at the Starbucks where he works, and that’s where I met Michael and Christian. They asked me about my influences and then wanted me to check out their song “Hollywood” in Michael’s car. About 10 seconds into the song I was hooked. I got goose bumps thinking about how far this band could go. We met up one last time where I met Kyle, they all asked if I was in and I told them ‘Hell yeah, let’s make some kick ass music.

The boys of Carverton also knew Wykoski was the perfect for them because they all have the same mindset and goals when it comes to the feature of the band. The boys also stated that they love that Sean has a background in audio engineering that none of them have.

“Sean is the tech guy of the band,” Ferguson said. “He makes our live shows happen by setting up the backing tracks, our in-ear monitors, and our light show. He’s always talking about bigger and better things we can add to our show.”

The boys of Carverton already have a bright future ahead of them, without currently being signed to any label that has been carving their own path with their music and has even landed a spot at this summer’s Firefly music festival in Dover, Delaware.

“Firefly will do so many new things for Carverton,” Yorlet said. “It’s going to give us a brand new atmosphere where most of the attendees are actively looking for new music. It will allow us to meet and make friends with other bands on the bill, and it will also give us new leverage to get on bigger and better shows.”

Wykoski even says he sees Firefly as leverage. To not only grow a fan base with people from around the country but also to use playing Firefly on their resume when they book shows. As it will help them get more attention not just in Nashville but from the other main bands that have the chance of hearing them play. Also, just being able to play and promote in front of tons of people who are there to check out bands will help them grow drastically.

The future of these four pop rockers is looking bright as they are starting to take on their music careers as a band. “We’re definitely going up!” Curry said. “And at a good speed as well. We have a ton of new things happening in the near future that we’re excited to announce soon.”

Wyoski said he is happy he finally found a home with the others of Carverton, and even more excited to grow and a musician and a band with them. He has even seen is own skill grow since joining the band, “Definitely. I’ve learned a lot more about playing bass and just music in general since I’ve been playing in Carverton.”

Moving across the country is not something to take lightly, nor is it for everyone.

Moving across the country is not something to take lightly, but it is something that a lot of young and ambitious students studying entertainment are doing after college. Los Angeles is known as the entertainment capital of the world, this being the reason a mass majority of students studying within entertainment industry at one put in time want to move there. Yet the City of Angels isn’t the city for everyone.

Students from all across the globe have spent their summer in Los Angeles interning for companies in their field of interest and taking on the city by storm. Recent University of Texas at Austin graduate Mandy Foster, after two summers here, has chosen to stay. “I knew after my internship here last summer that this was the place for me,” said Foster. “This second summer has been a world wind between working, trying to find a job I will love along with a place to live with people I can get along with.”

Other students here for the summer are more skeptical, but they wouldn’t mind living here in the future. Sophie Burnett a graphic design major at Coastal Carolina University is one of those students. “I don’t get how people are just moving out here with no job. Everything here is much more expensive, I would have to have a full-time job lined up to move here, which I do not foresee happening until I finish school. I would love to move back here in the future if the right opportunity comes along,” explained Burnett.

Other students do not want to stay here at all, seeing it more as a place to visit. Stephen Sbiroli a screenwriter from Syracuse, New York is one who rather live elsewhere that still has a thriving entertainment community. Sbiroli explains that “Los Angeles might be the entertainment capital of the world, but New York is right behind it. They say if you want to be in entertainment you want to be in Los Angeles or New York, I gave Los Angeles a shot this summer and it is just not me.”

Moving to a city like Los Angeles is not an easy, it’s more expensive than most cities, and it’s where a lot of people come to get discovered. Being in the city there are people on corners signing, passing out mixtapes, even acting out a scene with a bucket for people to throw change into. Foster speaks about the fear that comes when moving here. “It does scare me at times when I see all these people on the streets just playing for someone to drop a dollar into a case. I don’t want to be that, which is when I remember that I have built up a solid network to be able to come here and chase my dreams.”

Moving to the City of Angels is not something everyone wants to do. It is a place though for people to learn not just about their industry but themselves as well.

Final Hours At INgrooves 

Wrapping up on the final hours at INgrooves Music Group here in Los Angeles leaves me feeling satisfied and gloomy. 

It’s another beautiful day in California, yet I am saying goodbye to an amazing internship. I could not have asked for better people to help shape me going to the music industry. 

I will be forever grateful to everyone here that has done nothing but help me and the others along our journey. 

An inspiration to all young music lovers looking to break into the music business; Donna Ross of INgrooves Music Group has made several sacrifices to be where she is today.

An inspiration to all young music lovers looking to break into the music business, Donna Ross of INgrooves Music Group has made several sacrifices to be where she is today. Getting her start in a small record store in Detroit, Michigan, sorting CDs, Ross knew she wanted to be in the music business.

However, her love for music started as a little girl when she would buy seven-inch single records to listen to.

“I can remember buying those seven-inch records and carrying them to all my friends’ house as a kid so we could call listen together,” Ross said.

Ross’ love for music as a child is what led her to study piano in college earning a composition and musical performance degree from Oakland University, which is where she figured out that being a musician was not for her. She started making a name for herself by networking with people who came in and out of the record store she was working at, eventually earning a shot to work in marketing for a small label. Ross later found herself saying yes to a promotion in Connecticut.

“I never thought I would move to Connecticut. I mean, who wants to live in Connecticut when you work in music?” Ross said. “But, it was the best thing I ever did for my career. I mean, I had to leave everything behind that I knew, but my career skyrocketed from there because that is how I got to Universal Music Group.”

Ross started working for Fontana, which at the time was a division of Universal Music Group that handled Universal labels distribution. Later, Fontana was sold to INgrooves Music Group that Universal Music Group still owns a small portion of, and it is also where Ross still works today as the physical sales strategist and heads up the internship program the company offers.

Ross is responsible for getting the physical copies of albums on store shelve, across the country. Though she deals with stores such as Target and Wal-Mart, her biggest challenge is getting albums in independent record stores. Ross has stated that she knows that the small artists will not sell at the big retailers, but can in the right indie stores. According to Ross the trick is finding the right markets to sell these small artists in to make sure they sell along with are major artists.

Ross is a well known and respected individual in the music business world with her 30-plus years of experiences. Her supervisor Kevin Olinger said she is one of the most hard-working employees he has ever had.

“Donna is such a compassionate person when it comes to music and what we do here,” Olinger said.

Gary Pappani, Ross’ counterpart on the digital side of music, also had nothing but positive thoughts about her.

“Donna is great at what she does,” Pappani said. ” She has worked hard to make a name for herself in this crazy world of music. She is an inspiration within our office and to the interns that come through here.”

Ross encourages anyone wanting to go into the music business to do it as long as they understand it is not an easy path to take. She was able to make it happen through hard work and knowing that she would have to make sacrifices However, she will tell anyone that it is all worth it in the end.


The Farmers Market that has set its self apart from all the rest, there is nothing else like it in the world.

At the corner of 3rd Street and Fairfax in Los Angeles sits the Original Framers Market that was established in 1934. What originally started out as a cow farm, and then an oil field is now a world famous farmers market and shopping center.

Farmers Market, also known as The Grove, has set itself apart from any other farmers markets with its unique layout and the variety of shops. Inside the farmers market every shop is set up to be a square with with food venders in the middle along with table and chairs. There are endless different eats around the market from French Crepes to local specialties. There is also an array of shops that provides shoppers with different options.

Of course, there is all the local produce and meat stands that are said to have the freshest and best produce in the city.

Locals flock here from all across the city, including frequent shopper Lauren Albright.

“It is my absolute favorite place to get local produce that I know is fresh,” Albright said. “ I never have to worry about the quality of food I am getting when I come here.”

However, the variety of food items and set up of the Farmers Market is not just what sets it about poor word choice, but also that it is attached to a mall. Not only do locals go to the mall but tourists also flock around the mall, making it the perfect lure for the Farmers Market. This aspect makes it a one-stop shop, and the Farmers Market vendors love it.

“There is never a dull moment working here with all the different people coming in and out,” said Nick Massey of Farm Boy Produce. “The mall really helps get people over here who might never have before.”

The Farmers Market is a place for everyone, said local shopper Sophie Burnett.

“What I love so much about going here is the diversity and the chance to meet people from all walks of life and make new friendships,” Burnett said.